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The Super What?!? Vol. X


A Pirate’s Life For Me

Island Party made its way back to the UAFS campus April 28th!  With an attendance of nearly 400 people, the Stubblefield Center was filled with students waiting to get an air brush tattoo, a caricature, and try to race through the obstacle course.

C  Users slondon Pictures island 15 ip6 resized 600

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Aramark moved dinner from the Lion’s Den Dining Hall over to the Stubblefield Center for the event, and it was themed!  They served Caribbean Jerk Chicken, Fish Tacos with Mango Sauce and they even made the drinks themed!  Students also got to go home with their very own Tiki Cup!

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There were 100 shirts, donated by GRIFOLS/Biomat USA, to give away to students that donated non-perishable food items!

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Island Party is an event that students look forward to each year, and it won the Legacy Maker NUMA for the Campus Activities Board in 2013!  Will you be there next year to see
what all the hype is about?  I know I will!


The Super What?!? Vol. IX


On Friday, May 24th, the Campus Center Reynolds Room was transformed into a world of “Pure
Imagination” for the 12th annual NUMAS Awards Ceremony.  Students, advisors and organizations were recognized for all their hard work and dedication throughout the year at this
Willy Wonka themed event.

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While everyone enjoyed a delicious dinner from Aramark and a slideshow of photos taken
throughout the year, the emcees for the night entertained the crowd with a dance! Nawar Hudefi and Zachary Gramlich, you did a fabulous job!

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Next up on stage was Dr. Krehbiel to welcome guests to the event and speak a little about the author of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Roald Dahl. 

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 As the night went on, numerous students took home awards. 
First to be recognized were different Greek Life members!  Pictured below are Allyson Peek (left) and Heather Deere (Right).  There was a TIE for Greek Woman of the Year. 

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The night then went on to Intramural awards and Sigma Nu took home the trophy for the 5th year in a row!  Congratulations gentleman! 

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 The night continued on with the NUMAs awards and the night was closed with the presentation of the Chancellor’s Spirit Awards, which are presented to one graduating male and one graduating female each year.

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Congratulations to each award recipient and to each RSO on our campus, thank you for everything that you bring to our campus!  

For a full list of awards and recipients, click the link below!




The Super What?!? Vol. VIII


The 11th annual Battle of the Bands was hosted by the Campus Activities Board on Tuesday, March 10th in the Campus Center Reynolds Room, and there was A LOT of energy throughout the night!

Students, faculty, staff and members of the community were there to cheer on their favorite bands! Who were they cheering on, you ask? There were eight bands signed up and ready to rock!  Those bands were: Slackline, A Fire in the Night, Dr. T and the Sizz, Solidify, Harvester, Hell on the Border, Furioso, and Paper Anthem.

C  Users slondon Pictures BOTB1 resized 600

  C  Users slondon Pictures BOTB2 resized 600
KISR and ARORA were partners for the event, providing emcees, judges AND even covered the cost of each guest, making the event FREE for everyone! Not to mention ALL attendees recieved a FREE T-shirt from ARORA!

In between each performance, the Master of Ceremonies, KISR’s very own Race Riley kept the crowd entertained by hosting a “Get to know the judges”.  They were asked questions
such as “If you could smash one thing, what would it be?”, “What actor would play you in the movie about your life?” and “what TV show do you secretly enjoy?”.  The audience was also
encouraged to participate in games between sets to win UAFS t-shirts! 

 C  Users slondon Pictures botb3 resized 600


C  Users slondon Pictures botb4 resized 600

Students got to vote for their favorite bands while the judges also submitted scores of their own. At the end of the night, the results were revealed and Furioso took home the grand prize of $150 and also got a spot to play at Island Party!  As if that wasn’t awesome enough, they also won Crowd Favorite! Taking second place was Slackline, who also ROCKED. 

Will you sign up to participate in BOTB next year?  If not, we hope to see you in the crowd!  Until then, stay rockin’.


The Super What?!? Vol. VII


The Campus Activities Board hosted Tunnel of Privilege on Wednesday, February 18 and Thursday, February 19 in the Campus Center Reynolds Room.  TOP was a walk-through event where students got to witness different scenarios. Acted out by CAB members, there
were scenes depicting poverty, relationships, racism and self-oppression.  At the end of the event, students gathered in a discussion room to talk about what they saw and how it impacted them.

The photo below was a section of the “tunnel” focused on poverty.  CAB member, Kaden Aary, acted out a scene in which she was homeless and students were then given statistics, facts and scenarios about poverty levels. 
C  Users slondon Pictures TOP 1 resized 600

The purpose of the event was to raise awareness of different aspects of life. To conclude the tunnel, there was a room that depicted a suicide due to previous room topics, showing how much of an issue each topic is to different people.

C  Users slondon Pictures TOP 2 resized 600

The event was not only eye-opening, but impactful.  During discussion at the end, students responded with comments to our question: “Are you privileged?”


The Super What?!? Vol. VI


Minions, CABbers and
Cookie Robots, oh my!


The Campus Activities Board hosted its annual Midnight Breakfast this year!  Students gathered
at the Lion’s Den Dining Hall for a free meal, games and a chance to win great door prizes such as Movie Lounge gift certificates, a body pillow (it’s so fluffy we could die), t-shirt bundles and more!

Did you hear about the fantastic food? There were pancakes, eggs, sausage, biscuits and gravy, and fruit!  What a great meal to get for FREE and thanks to UAFS Dining for sponsoring this event!  Right? 

C  Users slondon Pictures midbreak1 resized 600

C  Users slondon Pictures midbreak2 resized 600
Let’s not forget about the amazing decorations.  There were balloons, Play-Doh containers filled with limitless creativity, a giant minion and unicorn, and Cookie Robots!  The organizations were even “decorations”! Some dressed up as Minions to fit the theme, and they did a pretty great job.  Don’t believe me?  Check out the photo for the minion bowling station!

 C  Users slondon Pictures midbreak3 resized 600

It wasn’t just CAB that put together this great event though.  Psychology Club, Lion’s ROAR,
Astral Fantasy Ink Productions and BCM agreed to partner with them this year!  Each of them had their own station where students could come and play a game, take pictures and relieve


Psychology Club had a “Let’s Talk Minion” station where they translated the Minion into English!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Lions ROAR had a #umatter photo booth where students could take pictures with minions!

 C  Users slondon Pictures midbreak4 resized 600

C  Users slondon Pictures midbreak5 resized 600

The BCM had a “Bowling for Minions” game where students got to bowl.  The bowling pins were even painted as minions!

C  Users slondon Pictures midbreak6 resized 600
AFIP sponsored a “Freeze Ray Shooting Challenge” where students got to put their “freeze ray” skills to the test.

C  Users slondon Pictures midbreak7 resized 600

The Super What?!? Vol. V



It's a Hero Pride Homecoming


Homecoming Week has come and gone once again, but it left behind great memories and shined its light on many talented UAFS students for each competition!

The first competition of the week was the banner competition!  Student groups each got
to design and bring to life their unique designs.  The top three banners are shown below!  The Graphic Design Association swooped in and took 1st place, Kappa Alpha Order showed their skills and claimed 2nd place then Alpha Omicron Pi showcased their talent and took home 3rd

 C  Users slondon Pictures homcom14 1 resized 600

C  Users slondon Pictures homcom14 2 resized 600

C  Users slondon Pictures homcom14 3 resized 600

The week continued on and the competitions kept UAFS students and offices on their toes! 
On Wednesday, the All Sports Pep Rally was filled with free food, great entertainment from the drum line, cheer and pom squads, and from the 2013-2014 Homecoming King John Sturrock and Queen Allie Wilson!  The board painting competition also took place and the Homecoming Court for 2014 was announced! On Monday and Tuesday,
Homecoming voting began and students got to vote for one king candidate and one
queen candidate each!  There were 11 men running for king and 9 women running for queen! 
Each candidate did amazing with their campaigns and awaited the first round of results during the All Sports Pep Rally.

C  Users slondon Pictures homcom14 4 resized 600

C  Users slondon Pictures homcom14 5 resized 600

C  Users slondon Pictures homcom14 6 resized 600

The following night, the Bonfire and Book Drive and Yell Like Hell took place! 
There was a total of 2,721 books collected during the bonfire that will be distributed to Fort Smith Boys and Girls Club, Girl’s Inc., and Lincoln Child Care Center.  During Yell Like
Hell, Sigma Nu won 1st place, Delta Gamma claimed 2nd place and Campus Activities Board took home 3rd place!  Each group gave it their all and put on a SUPER performance! 

C  Users slondon Pictures homcom14 7 resized 600

C  Users slondon Pictures homcom14 8 resized 600

C  Users slondon Pictures homcom14 9 resized 600

The week wrapped up on Saturday with the Homecoming Parade, the Homecoming Tailgate and the Volleyball games where the King and Queen were crowned and trophies and awards were distributed to the organizations for all their hard work throughout the week! Congratulations to all the organizations that participated this week and congratulations to King Tony Jones and Queen Annsley Garner!

C  Users slondon Pictures homcom14 12 resized 600

describe the image

C  Users slondon Pictures homcom14 10 resized 600

The Super What?!? Vol. IV


Humans and Zombies
and Haunted Houses, Oh My!


Humans vs. Zombies showed its face for the 5th semester in a row and over 100 students took part!

Last week the campus was “infected” by the H1Z1 plague.  It all started out with just two Original Zombies (OZ’s) and then the epidemic began!  

C  Users slondon Pictures hvz blog 1 resized 600

C  Users slondon Pictures hvz blog 2 resized 600 

Throughout the week, Humans and Zombies battled for survival and took part in missions that eventually sealed their fate in the game. From capture the flag missions, to moving “radiation tubes” to beating Boss Zombie, Grimm, the week was full of excitement, sweat, teamwork and paranoia.

 C  Users slondon Pictures hvz blog 3 resized 600


As the week came to a close, the Humans and Zombies grew equal in number and surviving  became a lot more difficult for both sides of the game. In the end, the virus was too much for many of the Humans to handle, handing the victory to the Zombies.

As if October wasn’t scary enough, Haunted Union also took place this month!  With over 1,400 people in attendance, it was a great success!  There was a child-friendly maze for the little ones and a haunted house for children and adults!  Many organizations worked with the Campus Activities Board on this large-scale event, making it a record-breaking year!

C  Users slondon Pictures hvz blog 4 resized 600

C  Users slondon Pictures hvz blog 5 resized 600

There were also carnival games hosted by different organizations!  There was face painting, putt-putt, plinko, and even a goldfish give-away!  The children absolutely loved all the games and even got some candy for playing.

C  Users slondon Pictures hvz blog 6 resized 600

Outside of the Campus Center, Truck-Or-Treat was held and candy was also passed out there!  There was even a competition between the different cars to see who had the best area! 
Many cars and organizations took part and a lot of the themes were extra creative.

C  Users slondon Pictures hvz blog 7 resized 600


Needless to say, October was a fun-filled, Super Spooktacular month!  What does November have in store?

The Super What!?! Vol. III


“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.” –Warren


The University of Arkansas- Fort Smith is home to a super group of leaders.  On Saturday, September 27th, a portion of the leaders on campus joined forces to tackle the Leading Lions Leadership Conference. During the conference, they gained even more valuable skills that would help them along the way on their Leadership Journey.
C  Users slondon Pictures LL Blog1 resized 600


The conference opened up with a few words of advice from our university’s chancellor, Dr. Paul
Beran.  He spoke about how to be a successful leader, gave valuable tips and even told some great stories. Students were writing briskly to make sure they noted each and every piece of  advice he was offering! 
 C  Users slondon Pictures LL Blog2 resized 600

Our leaders were able to pick different areas they wanted to focus on during the conference. They broke into groups and sharpened their leadership skills!  There were many different areas including a marshmallow challenge, the ABCs of Leadership, Step Up training and others as well!  Each session had valuable information and unfortunately students could only attend two, but everyone divided and conquered then reported back with what they had learned.

C  Users slondon Pictures LL Blog3 resized 600


“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.”  - Warren Bennis

UAFS is filled with leaders that translate their visions into reality on campus.  The different events, philanthropies and organizations on our campus prove this. 


Now, I challenge you, UAFS.  Are you all making your visions a reality?  Go, Go, Leading Lions!


The Super What!?! Vol. II


The Wild, Wild West, Jail Breaks and a Super…Cowboy?  Is there a new Sheriff in town?

The Reynolds Room has been home to many events here on campus, even Wild West ones.  Howdy Dance made its way to the UAFS campus for the 11th year in a row! The Campus Activities Board hosted the event on September 9th, from 7pm-10pm.  There were 239 students there! WOAH! Now that is a SUPER turnout.  Were you there? 
C  Users slondon Pictures Sept 14 Blog howdy1 resized 600


Students were able to dance the night away, enjoy BBQ sandwiches, become horse jockeys,
participate in a shootout and some students even ended up in the slammer! CLANK

 C  Users slondon Pictures Sept 14 Blog howdy2 resized 600

The jail was in good spirits though!  It was used during the #umatter portion of the event to educate students on hazing, which is something everyone should be aware of. 
Students got to pick a poster up that they felt had a correct fact on it! It is time to knock out hazing once and for all! KA-POW! 

C  Users slondon Pictures Sept 14 Blog howdy 3 resized 600

Speaking of “knock out”, which dance blew you away from the Cub Camp groups?  Red, Gold, Green, Blue and Orange camp Chairs, Counselors and Campers all rocked the dance floor!  Those were some Super moves, guys. *claps*  I couldn’t even choose a favorite!  WOW!

C  Users slondon Pictures Sept 14 Blog howdy 4 resized 600
It is no stretch to say that Howdy Dance was a success this year.  The Reynolds Room is no longer a saloon and sadly the BBQ is but a distant memory, but students will surely be talking about this event for some time.  As for the new sheriff in town, I think he will keep spreading the word about hazing awareness, hosting nerf shootouts and attend the horse races every now and again.  The question is, will you?  -B 

The Super What!?! Vol. I


The week the Neon Superhero delivered sweets,
burgers, poker chips and a magician to the unsuspecting students of UAFS. 

To start off Welcome Week, students got to enjoy Sugar ~n~ Citrus, which was free donuts and juice provided by Dunkin’ Donuts!  All students had to do was walk to the Bell Tower and grab a delicious, sugary treat and grab their very own cup of orange juice!  No driving or paying required!  Now that is the life.

C  Users slondon Pictures Aug 14 Blog 1


  There was also a BCM cookout that afternoon where students were served FREE hamburgers and chips along with water bottles. The night was closed by the Campus Activities Board with Peter Boie: Magician for Non-Believers!  Students were asked to enter though one of two doors. One door was for “Believers” of magic and the other door was marked “Non-Believers” of magic!  Which door do you think had the most users?


 describe the image


Sugar ~n~ Citrus and the BCM cookout were both a success the second day as well!  Students were hyped up and ready for the day.  Then, the SGA hosted its first t-shirt swap! Students got to exchange their old high school/university t-shirts in exchange for a brand new Game Day shirt!  All the t-shirts traded in were donated as well, so it was a win-win on both sides!

C  Users slondon Pictures Aug 14 Blog 3 resized 600
Ending Tuesday night on a super high note,
the Campus Activities Board presented the first movie in their Film Series, The Amazing Spider-Man 2
SGA, Greek Life and CAB all worked together and hosted about 400
students!  Can we keep all the movie
nights this large? I sure hope so!

 C  Users slondon Pictures Aug 14 Blog 4 (2) resized 600

Wednesday was home to Wii Wednesday in the Welcome Center and the Greek Life Office and LIONS R.O.A.R. also hosted their first Blacklight dance! There was a DJ, Trash Can Punch, a lot of glow sticks and even more dancing!  Everyone also learned about effects of tobacco and alcohol, which is a big deal.  It goes to show that you can be informative AND have a great event all at the same time. 

C  Users slondon Pictures Aug 14 Blog 4 resized 600

 C  Users slondon Pictures Aug 14 Blog 5 resized 600

Students will definitely be talking about how much fun they had for a long time.

Thursday was a day filled with art and the cheers of UAFS students.  SGA opened up the day with Letter Art in their office for the first 100 students! It was a terrific event and bedrooms across campus (and off campus) now have more beautiful decorations thanks to our Student Government!  What a great idea. :D  Did you get there in time to make yours?  Is this an activity you would like to see here again?


 C  Users slondon Pictures Aug 14 Blog photo resized 600


Later on in the evening, Casino Night, hosted by the Campus Activities Board, called upon students to come test their luck on slot machines, blackjack tables and many more games that they could play to win prizes such as lamps, movie packages and a Swiffer!  Students also got to play bingo and win groceries!  It was truly an event for everyone.

 C  Users slondon Pictures Aug 14 Blog 6 resized 600


Friday wrapped up Welcome Week 2014 with a Greek Life cookout at the Bell tower and a film screening of Miss Representation, a documentary that speaks about how women are portrayed in today’s society, hosted by the Young Democrats!    


 C  Users slondon Pictures Aug 14 Blog 7 resized 600


 C  Users slondon Pictures 8 resized 600


That night, the Non-Trad kickoff party was held for the Non-Traditional students and their families and Midland Bowl had Rock ‘n Bowl for just $6/person with a Student ID card!


There you have it, friends.  Welcome Week in a nut shell!  So, maybe a Neon  superhero didn’t deliver super cool things to the UAFS community. 
Or maybe he/she did.  Who said the Superhero had to be one person?  What if
that Superhero was each and every one of our RSOs?  Or maybe, the superhero is each and every attendee of the events here on campus. -B

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