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Kabee Sulivan - Back Home


I had a wonderful time and got so much out of the trip.  Before the leaving New York, I got to live out every macaron fanatic's dream and eat macarons from one of the three U.S. Ladurée stores.  Returning home was bittersweet.  I was getting homesick, but I didn't want the trip to be over.  The trip was so much more than about the auditing standard-setting process for me.  Taking this opportunity to travel outside of class allowed me to get to know my fellow classmates and to have actually visited the places I'd read about in accounting books was an engaging active learning experience.

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Ladurée Paris on Madison Avenue, a macaron lover's dream.

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View from the plane, leaving New York.  Until next time! 

Kabee Sulivan - Friday


I was very happy that we got a free day to take in the big city of New York.  There is so much to see and do!  From shopping, strolling in Central Park, and visiting the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), our time in the Big Apple was well spent.

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MoMA has a beautiful garden area (above).

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Horse drawn carriages outside of Central Park!

Brittany W. - Day 7 NYC - Final Day!


Today was about a half day in the city, and then we headed home! I've now walked enough that I can't even tell I had shin splints earlier in the week. This morning was all about wrapping up the sights we hadn't seen and going after the food and gifts to take back home. For me it was Central Park. It was so refreshing to see that green patch in the middle of the city, but it really made me homesick too so I was glad to be heading that way shortly. I think we all got a little worried when it took the bus far too long to come pick us up and head to the airport.

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Linda Rivas - Day Five, Six, and Seven 2014 Maymester


On Thursday, day five, we went to visit one of the big four firms, KPMG. They spoke to us about revenue recognition and how it is changing. Also, we learned what to do if we want to get an internship there and to always keep our GPA up. 

That day we also went to see the  Statue of Liberty on the Staten Island Ferry. Some of us visited the Empire State Building at night as well. That was defnitely worth the money for the view.

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On Friday, day six, Kabee, Michele, and I went to visit the Moma Art Museum where we saw great modern art. We also went through an obstacle course that challenges your claustrophobia a bit.  We tried our first piece of Carnegie Deli Cheesecake which was super delicious. We then met up with Siedra at the Soho area mall where we walked and shopped, which is always fun! This night I stayed up packing most my things.

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On Saturday, I finished packing and went to central park with some others of the group. We stopped by Cargenie Deli again to get some cheesecake for our family members. After that, we walked through Central Park to get some macaroons that were good, kinda small, but good. I was very happy to finally get to come home to my family and pets. I also saw a squirrel :)

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Michele H Home Sweet Home! :)

I had a wonderful time in both D.C. and NYC and learned a lot about the audit standard setting process; however, I am very happy to be home with my hubby and my kitties! :) The Empire State Building was AMAZING and one of my favorite things that we did. My favorite site visit was by far the SEC. I feel like I have a better knowledge of the auditing standards. It really helps to hear what the standard setting boards have to say about the process. The textbooks do not go into as much detail as they did. The trip went very well. We had a great group and Dr. Hayes did a fantastic job of keeping up with all 12 of us women. Thank you Dr. Hayes for being so involved and such a wonderful professor.

Kristen R. - Day seven


Home sweet home! 

It's been quite a journey, but after 9.5 total travel hours today I'm glad to say I'm home with my babies. 

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  I  think she missed me too!

Siedra Tidwell - Day 7!!!!!

Going home today!!! I can't wait! We got up early this morning and I attempted to get breakfast but they were out of bananas. The breakfast area at our hotel is so small and there are so many people it took me over 10 minutes to catch an elevator and even then I forced my way in. We went to Central Park which was kind of nice. We walked a journey for Kabee's macaroons but it was worth it. They were pretty good. Now we're waiting to leave our hotel and head to the airport. See you soon Arkansas!

Bridget H. - Going Home!


I finally have my sea legs (for NYC) that is, but we're going home. I have had such a good time and have appreciated the opportunity to get to know all of you so much better than just in passing through class. I think this was a great group. Thank you for making me feel so welcome among you. Thank you, Dr. Hayes for your participation and leadership. I think you conducted this trip wonderfully. I believe I have learned so much both in the area of auditing and standard setting and also as a person, seeing a part of the American culture and humanity that cannot be captured in the movies.

Today we're going to see Central Park and probably other things. This evening we fly out for Fort Smith. I'm ready to be home with my family.

Have a great summer everyone, and good luck on your papers.

Kristen R. - Day six


Today was our free day, so we used it for some sight seeing. We visited the 9/11 memorial which was very humbling. It's hard to imagine the feeling, but walking through the memorial gave me chills. 

After that we walked down to Wall Street for more tourist attractions before walking back to the hotel. A few of us went out for some late night dinner and shopping and got caught in the rain. Note to self: carry an umbrella next time I come out to the city!

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Denae Catron- Last night in NYC

We had a good time today. We got to see a lot of things. We went to the 9/11 memorial, the World Trade Center, Wall Street, and shopping at Soho. This trip has been very educational as well as entertaining. You should bring VERY comfortable shoes or you will have huge blisyers all over your feet like me. I appreciate Dr. Hayes bringing us and thank him for being a good chaperone!
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